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Josh Kindler

Josh Kindler has years of experiencing creating websites (both for personal and business use) and marketing and networking on social media. He has launched his own podcast, and runs its social media presence. In addition to this, he is currently writing a book on how major companies successfully market to teenagers and millennials. Of course, as a teenager, he has also grown up in the social and digital media age, and has valuable insight gleaned from his own personal experiences.

You will...



Create a stunning yet highly functional website


Establish a social media presence to better build your brand 


Improve your Search Engine Optimization to be seen on Google

search engine optimization

Improving your Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, allows your website to be seen higher on Google and other search engines. After working to boost your SEO, it will be much easier for prospective customers to find your business, increasing traffic and driving revenue. Kindler Media Consulting can work with your business to improve your Search Engine Optimization to help you to be found easily on the web. 

social media

Creating a social media presence is critical for any business. The most obvious reason is that it allows you to reach new people and attract new customers. Social media marketing can also showcase a new product line, remind customers to schedule an appointment or provide them with interesting, relevant content. A robust social media campaign also boosts brand credibility and gives you a platform to provide more information about your business. 

Website design

Building an appealing, highly functional website is the single most important step in crafting an online presence. First impressions matter! A beautiful website makes a lasting positive first impression. It also gives you the chance to tell potential customers more about your business. Kindler Media Consulting can help you build and customize a website to look just how you imagine it.

Graphics and logo design

Creating visually appealing graphics and a beautiful logo is key in establishing a brand identity and boosting your business' credibility. Kindler Media Consulting can help you create a logo, business cards, rack cards, flyers, and many other promotional materials. We can also work with you to create graphics for social media, including Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Twitter and LinkedIn headers, and promotions for events.


What People Say

Three months ago, I started my own health-centered practice. I knew I would need a beautiful, professional website to attract clients and lend credibility to my services. Josh Kindler was a godsend!  He listened to my concept and needs and designed a website more beautiful and functional than I ever could have imagined. I get compliments every week! And the best part is how extraordinarily reasonable his rates are. I could never have launched my business so successfully without Kindler Media Consulting. Thank you, Josh!    

E.K., Metamorphosis Havening LLC, NJ

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